Hello All Saints Family,

The Bay Area of California is home to some of the most under-catechized and “malnourished” Catholics in the world – more likely to support abortion and other social issues that are counter to our faith, and less likely to be found at Church. And yet the Diocese of San Jose alone serves around 600,000 Catholics in 54 parishes, with over 7,000 students in Catholic high schools and over 9,000 students in Catholic elementary schools. The Archdiocese of San Francisco, only a 45 minute drive away, serves more than 500,000 Catholics in 91 parish and more than 90 Catholic schools.

Something seems to be missing. I strongly believe it has to do with how we experience our Faith once we’ve received our Catholic education – whether at home by parents who may not fully grasp the beauty of the faith or through the school system.

Humans are creatures of habit. Therefore, if all we’ve been given throughout our Faith development has been lectures and reading via the school system and then Mass twice a year at best, once we graduate or leave home and are no longer spoon-fed the Faith, I believe we become detached – naturally. If, however, we begin to develop an active and tangible Faith, and we can grow up on something more experiential, I truly believe we will be more apt to live out our Faith in the real world. Building habits of a real lived Faith are critical to how we will maintain this faith through our life.

I have a vision of an interactive Museum here in San Jose that will inspire people be Saints! There are many museums, but I think there is something different and inviting about “discovery” museums – where children can touch and explore. We will establish a place that allows children to interact with the exhibits, where parents and children feel welcome and at ease – I really believe this could be a tool in the New Evangelization. Our Community needs a family venue from which to renew their faith and inspire their devotion. All Saints Museum will bring the sacramental aspects of our faith back to the Bay Area. But right now it is just a dream.

All Saints Museum is a non-profit and 501c3. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to support this mission. Your contributions will go toward two things – our Present: bringing art and Relics to school children for show and tell, and our Future: establishing a location and building a discovery museum that will touch and restore millions of souls.

If you feel called to support, but do not have the financial resources, perhaps you have other resources – connections or business tips, Statues, used books, Relics, Art. We are more than happy to welcome any resource you would like to contribute.  Contact us with any inquiries or suggestions.

Through your generous contributions, this dream will be made real – and you will have a direct impact on our Faith Community. You will help to inspire others to become Saints!

May we, through the veneration of Saints of the past, inspire Saints of the future.

God bless,
Your Family at All Saints Museum