Our Logo

The logo for All Saints Museum takes its origin in the image that St. John of the Cross created of the Crucified Christ.  This image is more of a “top-view” of our Lord, perhaps the view of God the Father.  It was selected to bring to mind St. John of the Cross’s famous work – the Dark Knight of the Soul.  This is important to the mission of the Museum, because while the Dark Knight of the Soul is something we go through in the process of stripping our senses on the way to re-ordering them toward God, the Museum intends to work with our senses in lifting them up to God as well.  The colors were selected as follows.  The black cross is heavy, as are our sins that Jesus bore for us.  His crown of thorns is red- such is the blood that has been (and is) shed by the Body of Christ.  But our Lord is Royal and victorious, represented by the purple.  The Church Triumphant are those victorious members of the Body of Christ.  Between His arms is the phrase “Communio Sanctorum”, which is Communion of Saints in Latin.  This is part of our Creed, which we profess as Christians – we believe in the Communion of Saints.  Latin was chosen due to it’s universality, as the Saints are universal brothers and sisters to the whole Church.