Saint Agnes Feast Day

Happy Feast day to yet another beautiful virgin and martyr.  Saint Agnes was also persecuted under Diocletian in the late 3rd century, similar to Saint Philomena.  Saint Agnes was only around 13 years old when she was pressured to marry, but she had already promised herself to Jesus.  Her Christian faith cost her life.  Let us pray that we also have this same courage.

All Saints Museum has added two Holy Cards to our Holy Card Project in honor of St. Agnes.  One of them is a personal treasure belonging to a friend of our family named Agnes in the 1950’s.

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All Saints Museum Incorporated

All Saints Museum was officially incorporated as a Non-Profit on December 20th, 2015.  Our Articles of Incorporation have been posted to our website. If the Lord is placing this Mission on your heart, please consider a donation to All Saints Museum.  This money will go toward growth and building this organization.  Although we are currently in the process of applying for Tax-Exempt (501(c)(3)) status, once we are approved all donations are retroactively eligible.  If you have any questions or request more information about our cause and vision, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on our Facebook Page, or email us direct at

I will be writing more about the miracles that have happened this past year that have lead to our formation, including how our name All Saints Museum came to be.

My daughter loves the Saints.  However, when I asked her why she wasn’t reading a book on the Life of St. Catherine of Siena, she responded timidly, “well, it’s because its… well… boring…”.  And I think that summarizes really well why All Saints Museum is critical.  This Museum is intended to reach those people who need the inspiration of the Saints, yet aren’t quite motivated enough to pick up a book to read about them.  All Saints Museum’s goal is to provide a more comprehensive experience (including the use of multi-media and high tech) of these Holy People.  God gave us our senses, and All Saints Museum is taking this into consideration as we search for tools to evangelize.  This is what the New Evangelization is about indeed.

Not every aspect of the Saints is always exciting and extravagant.  Actually, that is in part what makes them so inspirational.  It’s the fact that they are real humans; real “normal”, that gives us the tangible hope of attaining Sainthood.  But we need to bring this reality to people.  I hope you will join us on this journey together to sanctity.


God bless.

Angel of God

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“Never say that you are alone in the battle against your enemies; never say that you have no one to whom you can open your heart and confide. It would be a grave injustice to this heavenly messenger.” – Padre Pio

St. Padre Pio on your Guardian Angel

Angels and Saints (book recommendation)

All Saints Museum is all about promoting an understanding of the Saints, in particular with regards to our relationship with them. Here is a book I highly recommend by Author Dr. Scott Hahn.
Angels and Saints: A Biblical Guide to Friendship with God’s Holy Ones

There is a promotion going on right now, and you can purchase this book for just $1.99 for your ebook.

God bless,

Saint Jude’s Relic to visit Southern California

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“Catholics in Ventura County and around Southern California will be celebrating next month when one of the church’s most venerated relics makes a visit to St. Rose of Lima in Simi Valleyfor three days of healing masses.”

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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (Holy Card 3)

Today is the Feast of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton!  This is our third installment in our On-Line Exhibit Holy Card project.  This is an ongoing display of our Holy Card Collection.  Holy Cards will continue to be added as our collections align with Feast Days of the Saints in our collection.  God bless.


Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton


View the growing collection at our Holy Card Project page!

Sacred Heart of Jesus (Holy Card 2)

As we mentioned in our previous post, our On-Line Exhibit will be an ongoing display of our Holy Card Collection. Please see our Exhibit Page. We will post a new Holy Card on the feast days that land on the Saints in our Collection. Today is the Epiphany of the Lord and Most Holy Name of Jesus. Our Holy Card for this day is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Enjoy, and God bless!

The Sacred Heart of Jesus
The Sacred Heart of Jesus

View the growing collection at our Holy Card Project page!

Immaculate Mary (Holy Card 1)

For our first on-line exhibit we will be displaying our collection of Holy Cards. An appropriate start is with the Queen of All Saints, Immaculate Mary.

Immaculate Heart of Mary
Immaculate Heart of Mary

View the growing collection at our Holy Card Project page!

Happy New Year, and a Blessed Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

All Saints Museum is on it’s way, and I hope you will take part in building it with us. Please support us. The Saints are our brothers and sisters who have received their reward and are in Heaven with God for all eternity. They exemplify our hope. And they are our biggest fans. By learning about them and properly venerating them, they will be our guides and our friends in our darkest hours. They will lead us to a deeper relationship with Christ, our Salvation!

May we, through the veneration of Saints of the past, inspire Saints of the future.

God bless!