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A new way to experience the Saints. May we, through the veneration of Saints of the past, inspire Saints of the future.


Saint Homobonus

I was blessed to take stewardship of a relic of St. Homobonus recently.  His relic arrived in Saint-like fashion on All Saints Day! Saint Homobonus lived in the 12th century.  He was a married...


Saint Francis Display

We had a great opportunity this past week to display a Portrait of Saint Francis of Assisi along with a 1st Class Relic for Veneration in honor of his Feast Day at Saint Leo the Great...


Saint Gemma for Lent

As we are well into Lent, I would like to introduce you to Saint Gemma Galgani. She had a particular devotion to Lent and to the Passion of our Lord Jesus. She was born...


Max and the Beard

Story taken from The Catholic News Agency I immediatly thought of The Catholic Gentleman when I read this piece. Also, please note that the major Relics of St. Maximilian will be touring the US, so visit...


Blessed Mother Teresa Classic

“…in the most surreal moment, I said a prayer to Mother Teresa for Mother Teresa… and the catheter came loose” – Dr. Lombardi – at around 13:53. Mother Teresa’s Doctor:  Doctor George Lombardi  ...