Catholic Museums

There is a real need for Catholic Museums, not just in our local areas, but in the world. 

The quintessential Catholic “family outing” is the Sunday Mass.  And this is critical – the Eucharist is the source and summit of our Faith. 

But outside of the Mass there are very few Catholic activities designed for, or that appeal to, the family.  I think that there is  more that needs to be done to spark an interest in the Faith.

If we can draw a parallel, I think we can compare the Faith Life to a fire.  You need 3 things, fuel, oxygen and heat.  The Mass (and all the Sacraments) are like the fuel. They keep our Faith alive by Divine Grace.  But we also need good Catechesis / education – the Oxygen, and we also need personal desire or inspiration – the heat.

You can have a Catholic that is educated and well formed, and receives the Sacraments, yet has little motivation or inspiration… they do the bare minimum, and therefore they are a flickering flame.  You can also have a person who is Inspired and has great desire, and receives all the Sacraments, but hasn’t been well informed.  Those inspirations and desire are short lived without a proper education and understanding.  And likewise you can be well informed and have inspiration, but if you aren’t living the Sacramental Life then something is amiss.

A Catholic Museum helps to add elements of the Education and Inspiration back into our community.  Together with the Sacraments, this can be a recipe for a renewed Faith Life!

 I pray that All Saints Museum contribute to this.